Construction General Liability Insurance

Construction general liability insurance is taking the standard commercial general liability insurance and then enhancing it for your particular construction trade. If you are an Artisan contractor, such as a painter, plumber, or electrician, you normally have the ability to have a standard carrier providing coverages for your business. The only exception to that would be if you were working in the condominium building industry or in track housing construction. Artisan contractors that are not in the condominium or track housing industry, can usually obtain preferred pricing and preferred expanded coverages as in the general marketplace.

These types of artisan contractors can usually obtain occurrence made policies in the marketplace. General Contractors or artisan contractors working the housing tracks and condominium industry are usually only left with having to get claims made type policies.

Having specific construction general liability insurance with the enhancements that you need for your particular trade can provide tremendous protection in the ever-dangerous legal liability of the construction marketplace. Dealing with a carrier that has specific forms, coverages, and limits for your particular construction trade should be at the top of the list when you are shopping for your commercial insurance