Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability InsuranceCommercial general liability insurance is the building block for all other protection against losses that you may need within your organization. Sometimes within the industry, this is referred to as CGL insurance. We are going to take a closer look at this important policy and coverage as all small businesses should have this protection in place.

This policy has a basic framework from which you can add other modules if you need to enhance the coverages and/or limits that you might need. As long as you are protected with a carrier that has the ability to provide you with enhanced coverages and forms, you should be able to tailor make the commercial general liability insurance to fit almost all of your needs of all your unique risks that you might have.

If you were a contractor, you would want enhanced modules, forms, and coverages that specifically address your unique commercial exposures. Such as in the construction industry, subcontractors are one of the biggest headaches and your biggest liability risk. Making sure that your policy provides your company with the needed assurance from any subcontractor is paramount to making sure you have peace of mind and the proper asset protection. In addition, another enhanced coverage from a contracting standpoint would be that of maybe having blanket additional insureds available on your policy. Most carriers make charges for each additional insured and doing business with the carrier that has a blanket additional insured endorsement or built-in coverage can save you a lot of money throughout the year. Commercial general liability insurance is a very flexible policy that can be enhanced to your specifications if you are with the appropriate carrier that has the ability to do so.

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