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Business Insurance FloridaWhen your establishment is need of business insurance Florida companies count on to protect them from business risks, contact Kompani Risk & Insurance Solutions, Inc.. We have years of experience in providing several insurance coverage options for small businesses and commercial properties. Our company gives you the opportunity to customize your insurance needs to your business. You will receive a comprehensive business insurance quote that is tailor-made to your requirements based upon a variety of factors. We will evaluate certain aspects of your business, including the operations of your company, the square footage of your major operations, payroll information, and the number of people employed. This information helps us best advise you on the type of insurance that will best benefit your specific business. Although it may sound time-consuming to provide us with requested information, the peace of mind that you will receive knowing that your business is covered by the most quality insurance at the best possible price is well worth the effort.

Most Florida business administrators and managers wish to stay ahead of the competition. At our company, we will help by engaging risk management strategies for your enterprise. Our brokers are well-versed in state-specific laws, and we are licensed provide business insurance options for Florida based companies. We will help you navigate the sometimes confusing waters of the different types of coverage available, shedding light on the intricacies involved with general liability insurance, workers’ compensation, commercial umbrella insurance and excess liability insurance, and business owners’ liability insurance. Our company exists as a valuable source of insurance information for your business, as well as a resource that can be utilized to provide your business with competitive insurance quotes.

Of particular concern to some Florida businesses may be ocean marine exposures to loss. For businesses who participate in the marine industry, it is crucial to understand which ocean marine insurance options are available to meet specific risks, such as general liability. Property loss related to the actual vessel and cargoes should be discussed when considering this type of insurance. Our company will advise on the ins and outs of ocean marine insurance, including vessel and cargo damage, partial loss and the general average clause, Hull insurance, jettison coverage, and builder’s risk insurance. In addition, loss of income from the inability to transport goods, as well as loss of income from other uses of the vessel that normally result in revenue, should be carefully considered when choosing the most applicable ocean marine insurance package. Our brokers will help determine which specific policy best fits your business. For example, depending on the primary uses of your vessel, your business may well benefit from boat dealer’s insurance or special charter’s liability insurance, or builder’s risk insurance.

Let Kompani Risk & Insurance Solutions, Inc. assist with all your business insurance requirements in Florida. You will be able to competitive with other area businesses by allowing us to provide you with the affordable, quality business insurance quote you are seeking. Feel free to contact us here, or request a quote below.

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